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Future Me Wants To Say Thank You To Cardi B

Most of you would assume that I was thanking Cardi B for tossing her hat into the political ring last January or for making fathers across the globe wish that they had a son more than ever

Pssst- They're all 18

I know what you're thinking, you'd assume that a Junior in college would be thankful for bringing a dance like this into the universe, but when bars and parties are virtually all but shut down at school. There hasn't been the chance to see young scholars bust out the move at the bars and the lack of them swimming in floor water is probably for the best. Then again, if they did that prior to the pandemic, they're immune and left another vaccine available for your grandma.

But as we approach one of, if not the biggest drinking holidays of the year, young, inexperienced drinkers like myself who aren't 21 are CONSTANTLY looking for ways to avoid that dreaded hangover the next morning. Nothing worse than waking up with a pounding headache or an uneasy stomach after drinking a 12 pack of your favorite light beer and taking a few shots in an attempt to impress the young lady who you think you have a shot with but your roommate bags her, you all know the feeling fellas. Well thanks to Cardi B asking for hangover prevention tips, we've found the answer!

“What do you guys recommend for hangovers?,” Cardi, 28, posted early Wednesday to her 15.9 million Twitter followers with a pair of laughing and crying emojis. “I’m trying to see double on New Year’s Eve but I want to be good In the a.m.”
The “I Like It” rapper’s unofficial social-media experts flooded her with thousands of home-remedy hangover cures, suggesting everything from bananas to coconut water to pickle juice. One fella even proffered a wholesome “glass of chocolate milk with ice.”

Despite all of these great options, the straw that broke the camel's back was Pedialyte! Thought the stuff was only for infants, but what do I know. Can't say that I've ever thought of the idea, but I'm chomping at the bit to try this one out in the next few days, might have to even invest in the freeze pops to convince myself that I'm actually able to keep food in my stomach. Despite all of the great suggestions, I full anticipate myself stumbling into my parents kitchen at the ass crack of dawn on January 1st and making myself a glass of chocolate milk with ice. Who needs Pedialyte anyways?

Also- considering this is my second Cardi B blog of the year, am I officially apart of Cardi Beat Report? I'll hang up and listen...

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