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I wrote extensively about the state of the NFL, and my wish for the Bears to sign Jameis Winston. Would I have preferred the entertainment and pure talent of Jameis more than Foles? Sure, but the Bears are bringing in a Foles who has experience with Nagy, and in all honesty, he's more of a sure thing.

I'm happy the Bears have decided to bring someone into push Mitch, and if I had to guess, 10gawd will still be the starter come week 1. I see this shaking up like a reverse Mike Glennon-Trubisky situation where Foles will take over after a few weeks. It'll be interesting to see how this whole situation shakes up, but I'm happy that the Bears are at least making the moves to make Mitch feel uncomfortable and that's all you can ask.

For all of you upset about not getting Cam, don't be- he's washed. Foles fits the system well and I'm excited to see how the rest of the offseason shakes for the Bears, even with the limited draft capital they have. The 4th rounder is more than worth the risk for a guy like Foles who got the short end of the stick in Jacksonville last year with an overblown, overhyped Uncle Rico wannabe. Makes sense that the Bears were trying to pile up Comp Picks for the first time in what feels like ever. Now let's fix the line and the Bears are in business

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-The Inn Keeper

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