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Welcome to 2020: You now have to pay for your syllabus

Welcome to the state of Illinois, ladies and gentlemen! In the year 2020, college students are paying $20 for a piece of material that are given out on the first day of classes, because that makes perfect fucking sense!

Right on the heels of the University of Illinois giving President Timothy Killeen receiving a 40%, because $600,000 a year isn't enough to run a Big Ten school, and an increase in tuition, my Corporate Finance professor has the audacity to drop this bomb on me. White collar crime like you fucking reading about!

Now I've never had a class with this professor, or even had a conversation with him, but he is a real-life Henry J. Waternoose

When people make jokes about little-man syndrome, or having a Napoleon Complex, I've always laughed at them considering I'm completely average height and have the authority to do so. As I went to buy mandatory notes for another earlier today, I bumped into my Finance Professor as he was swinging a door open that led into a hallway. Then out of nowhere, I EARNED my 99 Madden Awareness Rating and hit the old man with the best spin move the old man has seen since Barry Sanders. The craziest part of this story? He was every bit of 5'2 and I guess his way to compensate for that is by charging kids who are keeping a change jar in hopes of one day buying a case of $12 beer with it, is to pay $20 for your syllabus.

And yes, I fucking bought it. Cheers to another semester

Checking Out

-The Inn Keeper

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