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This Fantasy League Wants To See The World Burn

Look, I know the Sox-Cubs start in about 5 minutes but when this came across my desk, I had to pump something out about what might be the most repulsive fantasy football league in the history of the illustrious sport. I spend my Sundays stressing out the Bears and Mitch Trubisky taking the next step along with willing my fantasy teams to victory. Arm chair quarterback? More like arm chair general manager, but that's not important here. I wouldn't call myself a fantasy purists by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, I still believe running back is the most important position in fantasy football, but I'll understand if you think the quarterback should be the most important. Play in a super flex league, since my biggest league began doing that last year, there has been a lot more parody. Factor in tight end premium, you have top of the line tight end's becoming top-10 scorers, it's awesome. But want to know what we got rid of?


(and defenses)

Kickers are struggling this year, not as bad as the past few years, but the NFL has a kicking problem and it doesn't make sense to me that they're not able to do what every high school football program does by poaching a soccer player. Bitch and moan about an NFL kicker using the soccer style, but you see someone kicking soccer style and you instantly have a turtlehead poking out of your ass.

Speaking of turtleheads poking out of your ass, you'd feel that way anytime you were up 2 points with your kicker left to play on Monday Night's. Do you play it conservative and get called a pussy by the entire league and guarantee yourself a win or do you bank on your kicker not hitting the uprights three times in one game and getting a few more points for the season points total to be juiced up a little bit? I'll pull my skirt down and let you call me Sally 10 times out of 10 if it means I take the win, sue me.

But every three weeks leaving it up to a kickers shootout? You're actually looking at kicker matchups when drafting, hell you probably have guys like Tucker and Butker going in the first 8 rounds. I love madness, I enjoy watching other people suffer for my own personal gain, and does that make me a bad person? Absolutely, but if you're telling me I had to have Rodrigo Blankenship out kick Chris Boswell to get a win in week 3 I'd be glued to the screen and hating every second of it.

(I definitely don't want to bring this up in one of my leagues I care less about)

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