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The St. Louis Cardinals are Ruining Sports and Deserve to be Punished

Am I being a little dramatic with the title of this blog? No. I don't think so anyway. Yes, I am a Cubs fan, so I already hate the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, this latest positive test bothers more because it means I don't get to watch my Cubs this evening. But, I am not just being hard on the Cardinals for those reasons.

Every positive test brings baseball one step closer to being cancelled. It's a fact. The Miami Marlins went through a similar process a few weeks ago. Even though the players/coaches caught the virus, at least once they found out, they were able to quarantine themselves, make roster moves, and get back to playing after missing 6 games. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are having their 8th straight game postponed tonight against the Cubs. This is happening in wake of another positive test for the Cardinals. I don't know a lot about infectious diseases, I'm just an idiot that like sports, but I'm pretty sure that if the Cardinals were cleared to travel from Milwaukee to St. Louis the other day, then had a positive test, that means that someone was newly exposed to the virus since they returned from Milwaukee. It is hard to overstate how frustrating it is to watch this team have 7 games postponed, then finally get cleared to go home, just to have another person test positive. It genuinely begs the question, are there any precautions being taken in St. Louis?

With the Cardinals having 16% of their season postponed, this is their new reality; if they can get healthy and start playing tomorrow (unlikely), then they will have to play 55 games in 53 days. This means that there is absolutely no margin for error anymore for the St. Louis Cardinals. I hope, for the sake of MLB, that the players and coaches understand that and begin to self-report any symptoms and self-quarantine when they are not at the ballpark. Or, as my favorite picture on the internet says, "Get a brain! morans".


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