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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss* Prop Bet of the Day (4-3 YTD)

It's poetic really, after being away from the game for about a month because of my bookie closing up shop, but after finding a new, much shittier one, I'm back. Overall, I had a solid weekend, went 2-1 on prop bets, but water always finds its level and I lose the one play I post. Calvin Ridley may have had 100+ yards in his first three games of the year but Jaire Alexander put the clamps on him and he had a grand total of 0 yards on 5 targets. Rough loss, but we trudge forward in the pursuit of burying college bookies with today's CMPBOTD:

Tyler Herro UNDER 17.5 Points (-105)

Look at this fucking clown! You shoot 6-18 from the field and have a scowl on your face like you just executed a hit for Tony Soprano, and that's enough for me to bet on you to fail. The Lakers will end up winning this series 4-1 and people everywhere will continue to lose their shit over the 20-year old Tyler Herro. And while you're here, don't get things twisted, my hatred for him definitely doesn't spur from us being the same age. Yeah he has the honor of being the first player born in the 2000s to start an NBA Finals game while I spend $12 on Natty Light 30 racks begrudgingly.

AND we're calling him Baby Goat now??? ESPN can fuck right off, bet the under, thank me later.

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