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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss Prop Bet Of The Day (4-2 YTD)

Had a lot going on yesterday and didn't bet at all yesterday, couldn't keep myself distracted during my first day at work. First impressions are everything and if you're still here with me after handing out a loss in my first bet, you've got yourself a room in my Inn for life.

Betting 3-point over totals are a drug I can't shake, but until I start making those bets on my own and cashing em. But today, I'm giving an Over in Total Points+Rebounds+Assists

Joe Ingles OVER 21.5 Points+Rebounds+Assists (-105)

That's Joe blowing a kiss to me and me kissing you in the form of money in your pocket. To be entirely honest, I'm not going to give a statistical breakdown on this one because Ingles has been damn good during this series. He can hit 22 points himself with no problem and if this doesn't hit today, I don't deserve this platform where I've been putting out can't miss* prop bets of the day.

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