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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss* Prop Bet Of The Day (4-1YTD)

I'm not going to say, but I'll let the gif do the talking for me. I gave you two can't miss* prop bets of the day yesterday and they both hit- easily. I'm also not going to say I'm giving the best prop bet advice on the internet, but people are saying that in my Twitter dms. In fact, I've been on such heater with prop bets, I'm still in the positive despite not seeing the board well with spreads or totals in well over a week.

Nikola Jokic OVER 1.5 3-Point Makes (+130)

I'm betting the number here (+130) more than anything for the NBA's new slim king. In Game 1 against the Jazz, Jokic shot 4-7 from beyond the arc and that's the highest number of 3s taken by The Joker inside of the bubble. In my opinion, I see Jokic continuing to chuck up 3s with the matchup between he and Rudy Gobert. Fuck Rudy Gobert, let's win some money

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