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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss Prop Bet Of The Day (2-1 YTD)

Big winner yesterday with Jarret Allen's OVER 25.5 Points+Rebounds+Assists, we were sweating heading into half with Allen's total sitting at 9 but we hit and that's what matters. I took a look at the board after moving all of my shit in and I'm all horned up by this bet. It's like I've been drinking all day, but it's just the adrenaline rush of knowing I have no responsibilities this week and will gamble my dick off

Jimmy Butler OVER 20.5 Points (-110)

Now I know Jimmy hasn't played great in the bubble, but in the limited action he's seen, Jimmy's shooting 51.03 from the field. I like Jimmy to continue shooting high percentage shots, but they should come at a higher volume and in the playoffs in his career, Butler's has scored 20+ points in roughly 41% of his starts. Obviously not the greatest of numbers but I'm feeling this one in my loins.

Also an extra prop just because: TJ Warren Over 1.5 3-Point Makes (-110). I bet overs, I like to have fun, deal with it. This only counts if it wins

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-The Inn Keeper

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