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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss Prop Bet Of The Day (1-1 YTD)

Tough loss on Saturday with Carmelo Anthony forgetting how to shoot a 3-point shot until the buzzer, but we came out hot and cashed on Juan Soto OVER 1.5 Total Bases in the first inning yesterday. After no sweating with yesterday's winner, I decided that we're sweating again because why the fuck not:

Jarrett Allen Points+Rebounds+Assists OVER 25.5 For the Game (-130)

Now I know what you're thinking, why the fuck are you betting something that's currently sitting at -130? If you think I'm an idiot for laying this number, or trying to juice my record, you're not wrong. However, I'm not and I'm just following trends and how Allen has performed in the bubble. In the 6 games Allen has played in the bubble, he's played very well and his P+R+A Total Average is sitting at 30.833 and again, I'm just following trends and trying to make you some money. Disagree with me? I won't be upset, just disappointed.

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