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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss Prop Bet Of The Day

I'm as irrationally confident that I'm going to win YOU, the readers money as George Costanza eating a Snickers bar with a fork and knife in front of the Yankees management.

Carmelo Anthony OVER 1.5 3-Point Shots Made (-110)

Not a flashy bet by any stretch of the imagination, but I see the Grizzlies doing everything in their power to slow down Dame. He's been unbelievable during the bubble, and I was tempted to have Dame over 37.5 (+110) as my first play, but I like the safety of this play with Melo. Inside the bubble, he's shot 15-32 (46.8%) from deep and is playing a Grizzlies team who has been up and down defending the three during the bubble's entirety.

I get that Melo's the mid-range jump shot king, but during the bubble 31% of his shots have been from deep. He has a tough matchup in Brandon Clarke, but I think Melo hits this on volume alone.

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