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The Greatest President That Never Was

Vermin Love Supreme has run for many political offices, but is mostly known for running for president and trolling politics for the past 30 years. It is honestly bonkers to me that he only has 25k twitter followers because he has literally glitter bombed other candidates on the debate stage. I mean CaucasianJames has over 1 million followers and I'm pretty sure all his tweets are just post-nut clarity thoughts. Running on the platform of "A Ponier America and a Zombie Powered Future" this icon of a man is truly "the one and only tyrant you can trust" (and yes that is a direct quote from his mission statement). With the promise of free ponies and zombie power, how could you not vote for this man? He's basically the Andrew Yang of ponies. And sure some of you may say he's just a performance artist but you could also say the same thing about our current president, and look at him now. All I'm saying is, before you decide that you're voting for Biden or Trump, give Vermin Supreme a chance. He's got my vote.

Support Vermin on Twitter: @VerminSupreme

Follow me on Twitter: @patkane1800

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