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The Chicago Bears are on a Mission From God

"Do you believe in Mitch Trubisky? YES!"

-Al Michaels, probably

If you have learned anything about through reading my blogs, it's that I am a sucker for a mediocre starting quarterback. Luckily, I am a Bears fan, so there is no shortage of those throughout our history. I, like many others, was sitting on my couch watching the Bears getting smoked by the Detroit Lions yesterday. All i could think was how miserable this season is going to be. How we have to clean house and start over. From the GM, to the coach, to the quarterback, it's going to be a fire sale, everything must go.

But then, at the end of the third quarter, the skies cleared and an angel descended from Heaven. No, it was not the Angel Gabriel. His name was Mitchell Trubisky, aka Mr. Fourth Quarter, and he came down not to bring news of a new savior, but to guide the Chicago Bears to the Promised Land.

The performance he put together in the fourth quarter was something I had never seen before, dominant quarterback play that led to a victory. Every throw was thrown with the accuracy and precision of an FGM-148 Javelin Infared Homing missile. Okay, you caught me, I had to google that because I don't know anything about missiles, but point still stands!

Jimmy Graham scored a touchdown in the first minute of the fourth quarter to make it a 10 point deficit. Okay, cool, the Bears are scoring some points in garbage time, I've seen this before. 0 optimism.

Trubisky is sacked and fumbles for a big loss on a key third down. I am not even surprised, it has been a disappointing game to this point. However, the Lions missed a field goal with 4 minutes left to play, and the optimism started rushing in. Even though my logical side still knew there was not enough time to come back.

Mitch Trubisky finds Javon Wims (who?) for another touchdown with 3 minutes left in the game. The optimism grows. It's still a long shot, I mean, Detroit is still 2 first downs away from winning this game, and the Bears have had trouble making stops all game.

Matt Stafford throw an untimely interception and the Bears get the ball in Lions territory. Okay, I am fully there, optimism at 100%. I still am fully aware the Mitch will throw an interception or fail on a fourth down conversion, but in this moment, I am allowing myself to dream.

Mitch throws an absolute dime down the right sideline to Anthony Miller for a 27 yard touchdown with just under 2 minutes to go. I am ecstatic! Through the roof excitement! Even when the Lions march down and score to win this game, I will be able to sleep knowing that Mitch has fight left in him.

After marching all the way down to the Bears 16 yard line, I am fully convinced the Lions are going to punch it in and break my heart. Bears fans are some of the least optimistic people on the planet, we never allow ourselves to fully expect a win.

Stafford throws a perfect ball to a wide open rookie running back, D'Andre Swift who scores with 6 secon...HE DROPPED IT?!?! You have to feel for the rookie in that moment, but not me. I was jumping in the air with excitement, which is no easy task at my age/weight. There are still 6 seconds left though. If a player could get that open once, they can surely do it again. Stafford takes the snap, and forced out of the pocket, and throws a fluttering pass to the left side of the endzone and it was safely batted away by rookie cornerback Jaylon Johnson. Incomplete pass. Bears win.

I wish I could say this had me screaming and running around my house. But instincts kicked in. I just stared at the screen for what felt like 20 minutes (probably only like 10 seconds), waiting for a flag, or something bad to happen. Nothing happened. The game ended. The Bears won! It was literally a miracle. The Chicago Bears won a close game, not because of some crazy blocked field goal, not because of an insane defense and the best return man of all-time, not because of some crazy rule that doesn't make any sense, but because of solid quarterback play and timely defense.

Some might say, "Lavs, it was THE LIONS, this is what the Lions do" or "The Lions lost this game, more than the Bears won it". And to the naysayers, I would simply tell you to kick rocks. Let me have this one. It is so rare that Chicago Bears win a game because of their quarterback.

With all that being said, I am fully IN on Mitch Trubisky. I am going to plant my flag and die on this hill. Mitch Trubisky was sent from Heaven to guide the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl. There's plenty of room on the Mitch bandwagon, so I am asking you to join me. Rally around this win. In the crazy world of today, Bears fans NEEDED this. I NEEDED this. Let's prove everyone wrong. It's Chicago vs the world, and these colors don't run. Bear Down.


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