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Ta Ta There, Fedsmoker

Updated: May 29, 2020

Conald Petersen AKA the Fedsmoker, was reported dead on February 11th. The sheriffs department has not yet confirmed this but hopes are not high. The heavily modified vehicle that Fedsmoker famously lives out of, was found on the side of the road on Sunday morning with an unidentified body inside of it. As this is an ongoing investigation, the police cannot comment but many have made the assumption that it was Fedsmoker. The 'Your Mom's House' family has been hit especially hard by this news and the first half hour of their latest podcast was spent remembering this Icon of a man.

Fedsmoker was known for many things, such as entrepreneurship, dentistry, his passion for law enforcement, and so on. As a retired double agent, he patrolled the country rooting out all of the chomos and baby rapers that have infiltrated this great nation. If someone wasn't following proto, he could smell it on them. Although being a retired double agent is a full time job, Fedsmoker still found the time to run and operate his side businesses which include a car wash, a dentists office, and a hair salon. He always held himself to the highest standards and he excelled at everything he did. In the dentistry world he is known for his revolutionary advancements in the industry, such as washing the dog food off your knife with Pepsi BEFORE a procedure. He also made a huge impact on the salon industry with his experimental feathering techniques. He was a very cool guy, that was taken from us too soon. We aren't surprised but we are in mourning nonetheless. Rest in Proto Fedsmoker, you will be missed.

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