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Start Your Week Off With Some Good Old Fashioned Dark Humor

If you enjoy dark humor and making fun out of the more depressing things in life, you'll love this comic's tight five. This is probably one of the darkest jokes I have ever laughed at until it hurt. I thought the writers at 'Its Always Sunny' were the only people who could make me laugh at something as dark as a person dying in a house fire but this guy must have taken a page or two out of their book. And in case you couldn't tell, no this is not real, it is obviously just a joke. In the clip you see Ryan Hitchcock in character as your average shitty open mic-er AKA "Fred Needleman." If you know anything about stand-up you probably know that saying things like "who's ready for some comedy?" or "this next joke" are basically felonies and should be treated as such. But what's brilliant about this guy is that he uses a character to make fun of people who do that and the it completely devolves into him being traumatized in front of an entire audience. He's definitely more of a one hit wonder than a comedy genius but if I told you I did not want to see more of this guy's comedy, I'd be lying.

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