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Start Your Morning Off With Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania 21 (FULL MATCH)

WresleMania 36 is this Saturday and Sunday, the first ever two day WrestleMania event. Fans have been begging for this for years, because no one enjoys sitting through a 7 hour wrestling show, but at least Vince can now say he's giving the fans what they want! The buzz around this weekend's Showcase of the Immortals is virtually non-existent, but as P.T. Barnum once said, the show must go on! Kinda weird considering Vince takes blood money from Saudi Arabia, but refuses to delay his biggest show/week of the year in place of putting on the show in front of an empty WWE Performance Center. Strange, but not my problem. I just feel bad for all involved, whether it's the wrestlers for pulling themselves of being pulled from the card due to health concerns (no shit!), those missing out on being paid and the fans themselves for having the chance to attend. It sucks, period.

Instead of being angry/upset about the present, reminisce on the past by watching the 2005 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year. The Wrestling Machine vs. Mr. WrestleMania. One of the all-time great 'Mania matches between two of the all-time great performers inside of the squared circle. Skip to about the 5:45 minute mark for the start of the match.

Now back to accounting homework.

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