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Sports are BACK (For Real This Time)

It's been a while since my last post. If there are no normal sports, I am essentially useless in conversation. I tried to give it a go with the Bundisliga (see blog from May), however, I lost too much money gambling on those games. It turns out, it is not a good idea to gamble on a sport you don't care about in a country you don't live in. Who knew?

Anyway, American sports are officially BACK! MLB had opening night last night. Of course the very first game of the long awaited restart was rained out after 5 innings. I mean, it is still 2020, am I right? It was nice to watch live sports that actually mattered again though. Last night we saw the aforementioned Yankees/Nationals game decided in 5 innings with the Yankees winning 4-1. There was also the game out west between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. This game actually made it the distance and went 9 full innings. The Dodgers won 8-1.

As cool as it was to see real sports back on the air, I didn't really care about the teams playing. I am by no means some coastal elite, I make my home in good-ole flyover country, so I am much more excited for tonight. The most exciting part of this new season. though, is the aspect of legal sports gambling.

As of January 1, 2020, sports betting has been legal in the Great State of Illinois. I happen to live in Illinois, so this is a big deal, for me and my fellow Illinoisans (Illinoisites? Illinoisians? No clue). Of course, the irony here is that there were no real sports to gamble on for the past 4 months. However, as stated above, I still met my losses quota gambling on European Soccer. However, it is exciting for me to gamble on sports where I actually know the players, and am relatively aware of which teams are good and which teams are not.

I am going to give my picks. This is not really advice, as I am bad at gambling in gereral, or as I like to think, I am just due for some good luck. This is my warning, don't use this as gambling advice unless you are willing to lose money.

With that being said, here are my picks tonight:

Cubs ML vs Brewers (-120)

White Sox ML vs Twins (+100)

The first pick, kind of a homer pick. I'll admit it. I love the Cubs and want them to win. I also think they will, hence the bet.

The second pick also looks like a homer pick, especially since I mentioned earlier that I live in Illinois. However, I'm not a White Sox fan. I do, however, really believe in the White Sox this season, and I think bettors can win some serious $$ on the White Sox this season. I have also put a wager on the White Sox going OVER their expected win total of 31.5. I really believe this is a playoff team, and potential World Series contender.

I will be posting picks throughout this weird season for MLB, NHL, and who knows, maybe even NBA.


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