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Remember When Dennis Rodman Was In The NWO?

Dennis Rodman is a weird fucking dude, to put it lightly. But as strange he is, you love him, I love him, and I'd trade places with him and wouldn't even blink an eye in doing so.

Rodman and the Hulkster walking out to the ring in the United Center, fresh off taking down the Jazz in the '97 Finals, smoking cigars inside and making every woman in that building moist below the belt and probably giving every grown man a boner at the same time is special.

Say what you want about both of these guys and their personalities, but neither of them will ever be touched in terms of what they were best at. For the Hulkster, it was getting a reaction from the crowd, and for Rodman, it was rebounding. I can't wait to watch Part 3 & 4 of the Last Dance tonight, and while For Better or Worse was a good 30 for 30, I think we're going to learn a lot of Dennis tonight. The producers of the documentary knew exactly what they were doing by virtually leaving out Rodman last week, and my loins are sweating just thinking about what we're going to get tonight.

I'm not really sure how I would've handled being alive for the 90s Bulls, but I know it wouldn't have been pretty and my mother would've been disappointed in me. The things I would do to have been alive for the 90s Bulls would probably offend some war criminals, but at least I'm able to vicariously live through the era with each episode of The Last Dance.

A damn shame that Kim Jong won't be able to enjoy his buddies episode either. A damn shame.

P.S.- I wish wrestling was still as cool as it was in the video at the top of this blog. Obviously, the charisma of the stars from the 90s is never going to be replicated again, but the Monday Night War made professional wrestling cool. Nowadays, I have to convince my friends that I'm not a freak for enjoying it still and that I know it's not real. But the Hulkster and the rest of the NWO strutting out to the ring with Voodoo Child blaring throughout arenas will never be touched.

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