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Kill Two Birdies With One keyStone - PutterBall Review

Updated: May 29, 2020

Uncle Adam here. I stumbled across PutterBall scrolling through insta one day and they graciously sent one my way to check out for you, so here’s my experience and review:

  • The package arrived on my doorstep in a reasonable carrying case/box. Easy to take out and easy to put away and store.

  • Set up was straight forward, 2 balls (lol), 2 putters, putting game surface. I immediately had to grab my own putter, but glad it came with putters for the other players since I can only carry 14 clubs in my bag.

  • GAMEPLAY: Move over bags, corn hole, PutterBall will be the game to play this summer (if we can have a summer) and for years on. I was on fire sinking putts left and right and feeling way better about my putting game than I should.

  • PutterBall literally is a hybrid of mini golf and beer pong. Two of my favorite things, this makes for one hell of a drinking game.

  • Played against my lady and she was draining her putts too, with no golf experience and lackluster beerpong skill she was having a gas. Had me sweating a couple times in tight games. Fellas this is BIG TIME for the dating scene. + Good game for the quarantined.

  • Games went by quick, so it solves the lengthy waiting period we all suffer through at summer BBQs waiting our turn for some of those lengthy yard games to end.

  • My only gripe is the putting surface is raised above my feet due to the holes that are needed for the ball to drop into. I am used to putting with my feet the same level as the ball. Hope this doesn’t affect my on the course putting game.

My final enjoyment score: 8.7/10

Website/Buy: - See if they will give you The Goonery family discount 😉

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