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Merry Christmas, White Sox Fans!

Jerry Reinsdorf isn't the first Jew to make December 25th a special day, but God damn, a round of applause for this offseason!

When we signed Dallas Keuchel 4 days ago, I said the White Sox were officially AL Central contenders, but here's an ice cold take: it's now their division to lose!

1. Robert CF

2. Moncada 3B

3. Abreu 1B

4. Jimenez LF

5. Encarnacion DH

6. Grandal C

7. Anderson SS

8. Mazara RF

9. Madrigal 2B

There's absolutely no way this team doesn't touch 260 home runs in the 2020 campaign, and that's being GENEROUS

(all very conservative guesses in my opinion)

1. Robert CF- 30

2. Moncada 3B- 30

3. Abreu 1B- 30

4. Jimenez LF- 45 (remember, CONSERVATIVELY guessing)

5. Encarnacion DH- 40

6. Grandal C- 30ish

7. Anderson SS- 15

8. Mazara RF- 25

9. Madrigal 2B- 3 (with 2 being inside the parkers)

TOTAL PROJECTED: That's 248 PROJECTED, and not including guys such as McCann, Zach Collins (lol, trade him right now), Leury Garcia and Adam Engel.

It's entirely possible both Encarnacion and and Eloy both 50, EE is the wiley vet and Eloy simply has fuck you power that you give your created player in MLB The Show.

The White Sox current O/U Win total is 80.5, and if I had not recently retired from gambling, I would bet my entire $1,000 credit on the over. Call me a simpleton, tell me I'm drinking the Kool-Aid but the Chicago FUCKING White Sox are coming for throats in 2020. Pair the lineup with a young and hungry rotation, this team is going to be SCARY the minute everything starts clicking across the board.

Hahn's next move should be to start extending from within and trading unnecessary assets such as Collins and an arm or two. Luis Robert's campaign has been in communication with the Sox about an extension and that should get done as soon as humanly possible. This team is putting themselves in a position to win NOW, and should not waste Luis Robert's time by keeping him in Charlotte for 15 days. Same applies for Madrigal, but I don't even think an extension is necessary , he's not going to blow anyone away with his offensive numbers in today's MLB, but I'd rather have him at second Opening Day than Danny Mendick. Madrigal is going to become so many middle-aged men's favorite player on this team because he plays the game the right way, and I am so fucking here for it.

Enough of the bullshit though, shout out to Jerry Reinsdorf for allowing Sox management to go out and spend. We've been told as fans to believe in the mission, and it's been extremely difficult at times to stay faithful, whether it was the result of injuries or whiffing on big-time free agents. Gone are the days of the White Sox being the laughing stock of Major League baseball, no more Robin Ventura, Drake LaRoche or Chris Sale cutting up jerseys. This team is ready to fucking roll!

Merry Christmas'

-The Inn Keeper

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