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Live sports are BACK

Updated: May 29, 2020

Folks, if you are anything like me, you have had a tough time the past 2 months. Yeah, being confined to my home has been tough, and I hate wearing masks at the grocery store, but this is part of the new normal in 2020, so I am getting used to it. The worst part of the past 2 months for me has been the lack of live sports to watch.

However, this weekend I was able to watch, and almost as importantly, gamble on live sports, and it made me feel better instantly.

This weekend, I have spent Saturday and Sunday morning watching Bundesliga. What is Bundesliga? It is the top German Soccer (football, to non-Americans) League. I am your classic American soccer fan, in that I don't watch it at all, with the exception of the world cup every four years. However, I was glued to my television all morning watching bitter rivals Dortmand host Schalke and a fantastic match (not game, but match, as I understand it) between Leipzig and Freiburg.

I tuned in to the latter, Leipzig vs Freiburg at about the 75th minute. It was tied 1-1 when I tuned in and I was able to place a live bet on Freiburg winning the game at +1400 which seemed too good to pass up, so I took the bet. I bet $10 to win $140. All I needed was Freiburg to beat Leipzig. The clock was getting close to the 90 minute mark, and there was not a lot of action on either end. However, about a minute into stoppage time, Freiburg earned a corner kick. The corner came in, it was a little long, the Freiburg player headed it back to the middle of the box, where a striker sent the ball into the back of the net! This was the first time in months I was watching a live sporting event and I actually got out of my seat with excitement. In this single moment, it felt more alive than I had in the past 2 months combined. However, the referee did a video review, to show that the Freiburg player was actually offside, so no goal. That moment brought on disappointment that you can only feel when your team loses a big game. It was actually that exact moment that I felt like sports ARE back and we are going to get through this time.


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