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Jameis Winston to the Bears? Who says no?

When Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy face the media on Tuesday morning I'm sure it will be more of the same, "it was a disappointing year," "we know what we have to fix," "I'm proud of the way our guys battled all year." Yada, yada, yada! There's no reason this team should have regressed as much as they should have in 2019, and don't get me wrong, I understand the argument that they played a first place schedule. But if you really look at it, they should have beaten the Raiders, Chargers and probably (?) the Eagles this year. That'd be good for 11-5 and a trip to the Super Dome where this team would get its doors blown off. Would that be disappointing? Absolutely, but it'd be a hell of a lot better than finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs.

Don't get me wrong, there are more problems with this team than Trubisky's regression, that's so gross to type out. The offensive line struggled all year, according to Football Outsiders, they ranked 29th in run blocking and 20th in pass protection, respectively. Pitiful if you ask me, and they are the reason David Montgomery looked as bad as he did this year. I was blown away when I saw he ended the year with 899 yards and averaged 15.1 yards per game, felt like he hardly got the ball. And Tarik Cohen? The most overrated player on the entire roster, and that's partially because of how the Bears' Head Coach and Playcaller used him throughout the year- there is zero reason Tarik Cohen should EVER run the ball between the tackles.

This is legitimately Cohen's most memorable moment of the year, fucking sad. Time for Matt Nagy to realize he's more Darren Sproles than Tyreek Hill, should've known that by now anyways.

In my opinion, Matt Nagy faces the most blame for the Bears' 2019 offensive struggles. And here's a hot take for your Monday- Matt Nagy winning Coach of the Year is the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. It's resulted in him feeling like he's untouchable, he's smarter than he actually is, that he's the only person who should ever call the shots offensively. My biggest problem with him though? Feeling like he has to hold the hand and minimize the playbook for his third-year, former 2nd overall pick and Pro Bowl signal caller.

Talking about inconsistency at the Quarterback position when he played with Cutler, sheesh. But he's not wrong

Trubisky regressed in yards, completion percentage, touchdowns, yards per attempt, rating, QBR, rushing yards and yards per attempt. Why are we babying Trubisky still? When he gets into a rhythm, I can sometimes see why the Bears drafted him, but why not allow him to take chances with the football? Throwing screens to Anthony Miller and Taylor Gabriel is going to do absolutely fucking nothing for the future development, but it sure feels like Matt Nagy believes he can give Mitch confidence through reverse osmosis, because it makes sense that he won't let him throw the ball down field.

Let's get to my guy, future MVP, Jameis "Jaboo Wins" Winston. I thought Say what you want about him, but Jameis Winston is more talented than any quarterback the Chicago Bears have had in my lifetime (sorry Jay!), and while he comes with different problems than what the Bears are dealing with at the position currently, I think that's a risk the Bears should consider taking.

Up until today, I thought it virtually guaranteed that Winston would be resigned in Tampa Bay, but after Bruce Arians threw a not-so-subtle shot at the league's leader in passing yards and interceptions, I'm not sure anymore. I've been of the opinion that he's a future MVP since the moment he entered the league. My friends and I used to fill out NFL season predictions for playoffs and awards each pre-season and starting with Winston's second season, I put him as my choice for MVP. My favorite thing about Jameis though? He has more confidence in his pinky finger than Mitch will ever have, and that's something you can't teach.

I'd rather take my chances with this guy, he's like a car crash at times, but guess what? You're never going to stop watching him on the football field, because he's entertaining, plain and simple. As for Mitch? I'd liken it to those awful scenarios kids would toss around in would you rathers as a kid, such as, "would you rather jump off a building with a boner or get a paper cut in your "dick hole"?" Both make you squirm, because you know they shouldn't be happening, but that's also the sad reality of Mitch Trubisky as an NFL starter. I know everyone has talked about Teddy Bridgewater, or even Alex Smith if he can stand on two feet, but I'd rather take my chances with one of the NFL's most exciting players, plus he's only about to turn 26. I'm not sure what it'll take, but Ryan Pace should absolutely consider this and chuck up one last Hail Mary before he's run out of town.

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