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Is Being Denied From The Biggest Loser A Compliment?

Being home from school in the middle of the year with nothing to do but homework and sit on my ass, I've been paying more attention to the TV my mom has been watching at night. She watches a fair amount of TV, but I've noticed it more now that I can't go out with my buddies at night or work.

It was news to me that The Biggest Loser was on TV still after my mom had it on last night. Growing up, The Biggest Loser used to scare the fuck out of me because I enjoyed eating more than the average child. It got to the point where I would describe myself as husky instead of fat, because my mom bought my pants in the "Husky" size. She convinced me there were pants with a "Fat," label just to make me feel better about myself. What a lady.

Watching the show now? It's not even the same, hell the people are fat, but they're not FAT. We went from this:

The Jordan slides really pull the look together

To this:

No more 600 pounds monsters that need a crane to take them out of the house after they die, just the average person you'd see taking a break on the half a mile hike from the gift shop of Mount Rushmore to the viewing deck. Yeah, these people are overweight and deserve all the help they're getting. They're most definitely still putting back a full pack of double stuffed Oreos in one sitting with ease. They probably scoff at the thought of only 1 pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, but that's most people in America these days.

I guess it's a good thing that the contestants aren't all 600 pound Jaba the Hut lookalikes? Maybe Michelle Obama's school lunch and active lifestyle plan got through to kids, or could it have been the Cam Newton NFL Play 60 commercials? But watching the show last night, it got me thinking- is it a compliment to get denied from The Biggest Loser?

You might be wildly obese, but hey! You're not fat enough to make it onto the show designed for fat people. If you get denied, I think that's a sign to go to your local gym and get the cheap membership. Get the junk food out of the house, eat right and maybe intermittent fast. You'll see the results, believe me. Then again, if you're applying for The Biggest Loser, you're definitely applying for the structure, and aren't breaking the cycle the cycle at home. What's the move after that? Find the motivation to hit the gym or keep eating until you're accepted to have Bob try and fix your problems? I'd have to assume the latter is more common.

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