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If I Bet You $100 'Wood' You Be Able To Guess His Name?

Updated: May 29, 2020

His pornstar name is Wood but he probably should've gone with Tree Trunk. #IYKYK

If there has been one good thing to come out of this virus, it's 'Wood.' If you don't recognize this man then you need to find yourself new friends because this is the best prank you can pull on someone right now. If you do recognize this man, you can understand why I did not post his full picture here. For those of you that are still confused, the original picture is of a pornstar named 'Wood' posing on a bed with the biggest dick you will ever see in your life. Actually I wouldn't even call it a dick, that's a fucking Richard.

The first time I was sent this picture, I was still in school, that's how long this has been going on for. I have honestly lost count of how many times I have seen this mans face. It has gotten to the point where even my mom has sent me this meme. This image has been Memed so many times, there countless variations of it. As you can see above, there is Wood posing for Time Magazine, there is also Wood on Mt. Rushmore, Wood posing with Trump, Wood Signing a bill in the Oval Office, there is even a variation where his Richard is photoshopped to look like a vagina. I know you're wondering where you can find all these memes, but that's not as simple of a request as you think. Given the nature of this prank, it is actually pretty hard to find it by looking for it. Most of the time it is behind a hidden link or you just have to come across it on twitter. I searched Reddit and all I could find is a bunch of woodworking memes, which is pretty rare considering how Reddit is usually at the forefront of memes. This meme has proven to be Godly in the sense that you won't find it by looking for it, it's when you need it most that it will find you.

Since blowing up, the story behind the meme has come to light. Sadly, 'Wood' AKA Wardy Joubert III passed away in 2016, leaving behind a fiancé. She has since come out and said that he did this photoshoot when he was going through a financial rough patch. Unfortunately, it does not seem like that photoshoot helped very much because his family still needs help paying for a tombstone. Certain entertainment entities, such as Barstool Sports, have cashed in on the image and started selling merchandise with it. Tom Segura, famous comedian and co-host of Your Mom's House, actually reached out to the man's family and has offered financial support. Right now, Your Mom's House is donating all profits, from the t-shirt pictured above, to the late model's family. So if you were thinking about getting a shirt with this image, I urge you to please avoid other outlets and go to this link to make your purchase. Wood has brought a lot of laughter and positivity into many people's lives since we started social distancing, the least we can do is help out his family a little bit.

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