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I need to know where Bill Belichick made his son in

This is what Jon Gruden wishes his son, Deuce was.

From the same monotone voice, a scowl that will burn a hole in your head and just a pure obsession with the sport of football. When people say BB is a robot, or he's not from this planet I shake it off and think well, that's just way people act who 1000000% know they are better than you in every aspect of life.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

You're an absolute liar if you say the cellulite and shitty tummy tuck would stop you. Veteran move by the coach to fall behind and catch a peak from behind.

Back to Stephen though, him and his father really are the real-life versions of Darth Sidious and Darth Maul. Just a guy who clearly didn't give a fuck about being a kid, I mean who's watching film from an early age just because they want to? You couldn't even get me to watch film when I played on a football team, I couldn't imagine doing that when I could've been on the couch watching cartoons and picking my ass. Maybe Stephen is human considering he cracked a smile at the end of the video, or that was just a ploy to cover his tracks. Makes you think

I know that China is already cloning humans, but not willing to admit it, but how long have they actually been doing it? The "first" human-hybrid clone was supposedly created in November of 1998, which leads me to believe they've been doing this efficiently since probably the 50s & 60s. Anyone have access to Bill's travel history from 33 years ago?

Going to be absolutely hilarious when Stephen takes over as the Head Coach of the Patriots and completely cucks Josh McDaniels- what a fucking cockmuncher.

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