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I'm still disappointed by the pronunciation of Kofi Cockburn's last name

If you're not familiar with the best center in the Big Ten by now, and one of the most dominant players in college basketball, now's the time

Don't cream your jeans just yet....

That is since the 7-foot 290 pound behemoth has stepped on campus in Champaign, absolutely unreal.

People across the country aren't talking enough about Cockburn, and I'm really not sure why- his name should be enough to start the conversation. But for some reason unbeknownst to me, his name is pronounced Coh-burn instead of Cock-burn. Is it because the university doesn't want to bring anymore light to the high percentage of undergraduate students whose genitalia burns when they take a piss (take advantage of the free condoms, everybody). Are we really that concerned about Kofi's feelings because people may make fun of his name being a primary symptom of an STD? I think he can more than handle himself

Just imagine if he was actually squaring up, he'd knock your lights out. Not to start the classic Joe Rogan debate, but would Cockburn be the greatest UFC Heavyweight of all-time if he dedicated his time to mma? People are asking

But the Illini are squaring off with Old Dominion tonight in what should be an easy win. I'm not a fan of the current -14 line for the Illini, especially during the heat of finals week (can't believe I actually typed that), so I'm Illinois TT Over 72 tonight. Currently sweating out Delaware +14.5 against Villanova and have Utah -9 in Salt Lake City against Weber State. Ride with me if you're feeling dangerous.

Checking out

-The Inn Keeper

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