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Gambling Fandoms Are Real And Hard To Explain

I don't like coming off as someone who thinks gambling is a personality trait, I liken those people to anyone who thinks it's unique to like The Office or smoking weed or drinking craft beer. There's a reason that they're all incredibly popular, whether it be the highs of a long-shot parlay cashing, finding a new beer you like or the lows like getting that text from your bookie or Michael Scott leaving The Office. The Cincinnati Bearcats being rightfully ranked #4 in the updated College Football Playoff Rankings damn near brought a tear to my eye and I wish I was kidding.

My Cincinnati fandom stretches into both football and basketball, and they solely started because I remember liking Tony Pike's name back in the day. Yes, that Tony Pike...

As I entered my formative gambling years as a Junior in High School betting on March Madness games and Jameis Winston MVP futures, I quickly fell in love with Cincinnati Football again. Gamblers will understand what I mean by having your teams. Every week, as soon as lines become available you're checking to see if should hop in now, later, both, how many units you'll be throwing on it and Cincinnati has always been that team for me. I've flirted with the Daniel Jones led Duke Blue Demons, I fell in love with Sam Howell when UNC took it to Temple in the 2019 Military Bowl. Sam Howell Heisman Futures have been a drug I haven't been able to kick since he won the Military Bowl MVP almost three years ago. My love for both of those teams have faded, but Cincy, I never left. It was tough as a Cincy bettor the past few weeks until they blew the doors off SMU this past weekend and slid in at number 4.


2021: 6-5 YTD

2020: 6-4

2019: 9-5

2018: 7-6

2017: 4-8 (no relationship is ever all sunshine and rainbows)

TOTAL: 32-28

I'm not saying they're a money making machine, but damn it if they don't bail me out when I need it the most

And trust me, I'm not out here banging the drum saying Cincinnati has any shot at beating Georgia if they eventually meet in the CFB Playoff Semis. Georgia football is realistically 2-3 scores better than any other team in the country and I don't even think that it's an exaggeration to say that. All I'm saying is that from my slight gambling addiction you find yourself rooting for teams you have absolutely no connection to other than them further feeding my responsible gambling.

I think my biggest concern is that Cincy gets screwed by the committee, Notre Dame gets in and Luke Fickell bolts for one of the LSU, Florida or USC jobs. Can't say I see that happening, but god damn it would make my blood boil if Notre Dame and their murderer of a Head Coach end up getting in over them proving that head to head 10 point wins on the road don't matter and it's all about name brand recognition. Yes, I do understand the irony of me hating Brian Kelly as much as a I do considering what he means to Cincinnati Football historically, but god damn it, color me shocked that the Catholics in South Bend have covered up something to the point that no one cares about anything other than winning. Spoiler alert- ND gets in over Cincy (if they win out) and you can add another body to Brian Kelly's kill count because he'll be responsible for it.

Some may think I'm crazy, some may think I'm incredibly dumb, but I love Cincinnati Football and don't care who knows it. Group of 5 football is the backbone of all gamblers on Fall Saturdays, and after this year I hope I'm no longer able to say that the money is in the crumbs when referring to Cincinnati Football because they're viewed as a legitimate threat on a National Scale. HOWEVER- if they get screwed out of the playoff and pull a UCF from a few years back claiming to be National Champions I will be buying a shirt and wearing it proudly because I love the Cincinnati Bearcats to my core. Sue me for liking money and growing a soft spot for a team. Give me a Group of 5 team in the playoff before the eventual expansion, please. You're no longer exploiting your athletes as badly as you used to, NCAA, reward Luke Fickell for building an absolute powerhouse. #Bearcat4life

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