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FUTURE BEERS On Me: NFC East Win Total Bets

Happy Monday fellow degenerates, I gave my Win total bets for the NFC North last week and we're going to keep the train rolling this week with the cluster fuck that is the NFC East. We know the 'Skins are going to be hot garbage, and there really isn't anything Riverboat Ron will be able to do in Year 1. Hypothetically speaking, the Giants should have be primed for improvement, but then they hired a Special Teams Coordinator to take over the reigns. The biggest storyline out of Dallas will be when does Jerry Jones fire Mike McCarthy and rehired Jason Garrett and who the hell knows what'll happen in Philly?

I'm also featuring the same Warren Sharp tweet from last week's blog in here again, because it features one of, if not the biggest metrics I use when placing a bet- public opinion. I'm not claiming to be cashing in at a ridiculously high rate of my bets (~50% lifetime and that's a win in my book), but when in doubt, fade the public. Scared money don't make money.

All betting odds courtesy of, the home of my extremely below average college-aged bookie.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have been and will always be one of my least favorite teams in professional sports. That being said, they are an incredibly talented team playing a division that features two teams with new Head Coaches and an Eagles team led by Carson Wentz who just played his first full season since his rookie campaign in 2016. However, the firing of Jason Garrett and subsequent hiring of Mike McCarthy will be something to pay attention to in camp. Are we going to be getting 2011 Mike McCarthy or the 2017-18 who refused to do innovate his system in the slightest? His puff piece from CBS Sports makes me want to hammer the over for the Boys but it's still Mike McCarthy we're talking about...

Based on the Warren Sharp predictive model, America's Team are the owners of the 9th easiest schedule in football. Yeah, no shit, they have the equivalent of FCS Southeast from NCAA 14 on their schedule 4 games a year. *If* everything goes like things are expected to in the division, I see them going 4-2 in the division but this is 2020 and we've come to learn to expect the unexpected. Having the AFC North on the schedule isn't a walk in the park either, but Dallas did a great job at replacing offseason departures this offseason, as well as getting even more weapons on the offensive side of the football, landing Ceedee Lamb just so the Eagles weren't able to take him is such a Jerry Jones move he probably couldn't believe himself making the selection.

Despite the question marks surrounding Dallas heading into 2020, they're still the best team in the NFC East by a wide margin for my money and it's difficult to see a situation where Mike McCarthy flops hard enough to derail the freight train that'll be the Cowboys offense, but the O/U total on my book is currently set at 10 wins and I have the boys finishing 10-6. That being said, scared money don't make money and I'm being an absolute hypocrite and going with the public, betting OVER 10 Wins (-120). This moves to 9.5 and I'm in love.

New York Giants

Second Year Quarterback, star running back coming off an injury riddled 2019, a questionable first round pick and a first year Head Coach all while dealing with the noise that comes with being in New York*, it doesn't feel like the Gmen are exactly being primed for success in 2020. That's not to say the future can't be bright for the Giants with this young core, but I don't see this being the year they break through. That being said, it looks like Judge has his shit together and has modernized the "Patriot Way," in a manner that would have me drooling if I were a Giants fan.

Team captains for Judge’s first season with the Giants will be elected by their peers in the locker room.
“They need to represent the team, and you want to emphasize to them it’s not a popularity contest,’’ Judge said. “You’re electing people to represent you.’’
Judge, with feedback from his coaching staff, will select the players to make up his leadership council. This will get done in training camp or closer to the start of the season. “We’ll grab some guys we believe represent a larger part of the team,’’ Judge said. “We don’t have a specific number narrowed down. I’ve been exposed to all different ways of doing that, whether it’s one guy per position or guys of different ages. For us, we have to identify the makeup of our team in training camp and see what the best fit we can do with that.’’

Leadership councils are usually something you seen thrown together by a Head Coach as a last ditch effort to save his job, I mean shit I remember the Giants doing it themselves back in the day, and my Chicago Bulls have done it as well and somehow, Jim Boylen is still employed. Despite me stroking Joe Judge's cock sensually, I'm betting the Giants UNDER 6 Wins (+110). The Giants ave a difficult schedule and just aren't there yet. Unders are never fun to bet, but you're telling me you can look at the schedule and see a situation where they squeak out 7+ wins?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have confused me more than almost any other team in professional sports over the past two seasons, but they at least have made strides to improve in the areas they needed help the most this offseason. Adding Darius Slay to a secondary that allowed the 22nd most Passing Yards per game provides an instant boost. They also added Javon Hargrave to play alongside Fletcher Cox on the defensive line that should wreck havoc on opposing offensive lines in theory. Slowing down their opposition even just slightly in 2020 can be pivotal for the Eagles if '20 is anything like 2019, it could go A LONG WAY:

By the Wild Card Round in the 2019-2020 Playoffs, the Eagles were trotting out Greg Ward Jr. and Deontay Burnett out wide, lost Went after 4 passes and still only lost to the Seahawks 17-9. This team stays even remotely healthy on the offensive side of the football in 2020 and they're a playoff team. OVER 9.5 Wins (+100) is a comfortable bet for me, and it should be for you as well.

Washington R******S

Under 5.5 Wins (-125), do you really need any armchair quarterbacking from me with this one? If you do, please do what's necessary and stop financially crippling yourself any further.

Be back next week with the NFC South

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