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#FridayFacts: Dragon blood helps you see into the future

It was believed that if you took a bath in a dragon’s blood it helped you see into the future. via Fun Dragon Facts for Kids- Awesome fact of life

Not sure how true this fact actually is, but I'm not going to question the authenticity of Fun Dragon Facts for Kids- Awesome fact of life's facts. With The Gooney being the unofficial (official) XFL Dragons' report, I'm left with no choice but to mercilessly murder a bearded dragon or buy Herb Pharm, Dragon's blood for $13.99 off some seedy website from Eastern Europe. Has Estonia written all over it. Might be worth it to see how the Dragons fare in the return of the XFL.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dragons' may have the worst odds out of any team to win the XFL, but +1200 is looking pretttttttttttyyyy nice.

Said it yesterday, and I'll say it again, Dragons +7.5 tomorrow. Good vibes headed into the weekend, don't care how all over this blog is, it's Friday and I want to be drunk instead of going to my intramural ref training (more on that another time)

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-The Inn Keeper

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