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#FridayFacts: 1.4 million College-Age Students drink alcohol everyday

According to our good friends over at, every month, 5.4 million full-time students drink alcohol, 3.5 million binge drink and two million use an illicit drug. Now no one here at The Gooney is here to endorse binge drinking or accelerating the rapid decline of your liver's health, but this number feels INCREDIBLY low.

Maybe it's because I go to a state school where students can't function without drinking 3 days a week minimum, but there almost 15 million (14.6, to be exact) college students in America and 37% of them drink every month?

Every college student lies on surveys: expected grade in the course, do you smoke/vape, are you sexually active and the list goes on. But denying drinking? I'm not sure if it's where I'm from and the mild-alcoholism everyone develops by the time they graduate high school, but if 63.1% of college students aren't drinking every month, that's some straight gooney.

You're missing out on making bad decisions fueled by your illegal BAC, and those decisions end up being some of your fondest (foggy) memories. If I wasn't drinking on the weekends, the laughs wouldn't be as hard, and the memories may be better (literally), there's no better time than college to live with absolutely no responsibility other than making sure you make it to class and feed yourself.

Make some memories tonight, because I know I'm going to

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-The Inn Keeper

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