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Fantasy Football Season is Upon Us

2020 has been a weird year, to say the least. It has simultaneously felt like the longest, and shortest year that I can remember. And it seems like the hits just keep coming.

But, fear not, because as of right now, the NFL is planning on moving forward, as scheduled. More importantly, though, that means fantasy football is coming back this season.

Believe it or not, the NFL season begins exactly 5 weeks from today. That means everyone has less than 5 weeks to do all of your research, plan your drafts, and ignore those annoying email threads that at least 1 person in every league takes over with their dumb jokes and annoying ramblings.

I will be posting a weekly blog during football season that goes into the normal stuff, like start 'em/sit 'em, plus the suggested waiver adds and all of that. I will also try to find some deep sleepers that will actually be useful for people in leagues of 12-14 people. Because let's be honest, if you're in a deep, competitive league, the waiver pickups given on the normal websites is not very helpful, as those players have typically been rostered for weeks at that point in your league.

I also have some advice that I am applying to the league where I have the great honor of serving as commissioner. To combat the odd obstacles that Covid-19 will potentially bring to the NFL season, I have taken the following steps to help all players better navigate the uncharted waters of the 2020 NFL season:

I have added 2 bench spots to every roster, taking the number of bench spots from 6 to 8. This will make it easier to handcuff your RB1 or at least have more options in case someone tests positive on Sunday morning. I cannot even imagine a scenario where you're scrolling Twitter on Sunday morning to find out that Saquon Barkley has tested positive and will not be able to play in a few hours. This should help alleviate that mad scramble to the league's free agents when the inactive players are made official prior to kick-off. This will also give a little more flexibility when it comes to bye weeks later in the season.

I have also added 3 IR spots, from 0 to 3. Most of what I have read regarding Covid-19 states that if someone tests positive, they have to quarantine for 2 weeks, or until the symptoms are gone if it's longer than 2 weeks. With that being said, a positive test for an NFL player likely means they will miss at least 2 games. Since most people are expecting there to be positive tests, I didn't feel like it was fair to have a bench full of inactive players, so I decided to add the IR spots. Is it possible that someone will get lucky with Covid-19, but experience some normal injuries and take advantage of the IR spots? Of course, but I believe this will make it so everyone is as prepared as possible to deal with missing 2-3 players for multiple weeks.

These are my suggestions to all of my fellow commissioners. Do you have any other suggestions? Tweet them @ me or leave a comment below.


@Goonery_Lavs (Twitter)

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