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Doctors Have Officially Ruled Me OUT For The Weekend

Hurt or injured- that's the question fantasy owners across the world were asking when I tweeted out an ominous picture laying in a hospital bed to my 211 Twitter followers. All I was trying to do was stay on top of my game for when the league resumed- jumping rope like I do after my morning run every day. My owners understand the risk when they select a player like me, but after seeing me drunkenly play on a High Sprain for 8 more hours in a softball tournament at 16, people knew they were getting a grinder when they decided to draft me. 5'10 and 170 pounds of completely average athleticism but when you look up Gruden's Grinder in the dictionary, a picture of me shows up.

For all intents and purposes high ankle sprains aren't the worst injury in the world. They're a bit to deal with and I'll likely re-injure it again. However, I will be back. It's a shame that I'm battling through this the weekend bars in the Chicagoland suburbs are reopening, but God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

I'm not from another planet like Saquon Barkley who was able to return to the gridiron two weeks earlier than expected, but I will be back. Not sure when it is, but I bet it'll be quicker than 16-inch softball begins in the Chicagoland area. All that matters is that I'm able to man Right Field for the squad on opening day, because it'd just feel wrong if I was there chain-smoking and gassing light beers sitting on the bench. Then again, anything is possible, enjoy your Friday everyone!

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