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Despite Losing Ayo Dosunmu, The University Of Illinois Is A Top 20 University In The World

Updated: May 29, 2020

Number 20 still means top 20! I don't want to get into the validity of this list when somewhere like Notre Dame is ranked 140, but despite losing the Most Valuable student the University has seen since the likes of Dee Brown and Deron Williams. Sure, the University has some students on campus who are designing respirators to fight COVID-19, researching the cure to Cancer, leading the way in business education and whatever it is Psychology majors do, but no one was doing what Ayo Dosunmu was doing this past year.

Even though he hasn't hired an agent yet, there's no chance Ayo is back in Champaign next year. Coach Underwood has Illinois' Gatorade Player of the Year, Adam Miller coming in, along with Andre Curbelo, a member of the u20 Puerto Rican National Team. Pretty awesome that this team went from being pegged to make a deep tournament run this year to potentially losing both Ayo and Kofi Cockburn, despite neither of them being high on draft boards. I get that there isn't anything to do in Champaign other than drink, and that it's highly unlikely these two are doing that frequently anyways, and that if the wind is blowing the right way, the entire campus reeks of cow shit, but why not? Come back and make some noise, boost your legend at the University, get your number up in the rafters and make the University the money they need because the football program sure as hell isn't doing enough of that.

But hey, at least Illinois's quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty and research performance is enough to be the 20th ranked University in the world. Not sure what the rankings will look like after this Spring Semester and everything being online, but this makes me wonder how the hell students from the University of Phoenix aren't reinventing the wheel every time they do four years of this nonsense. GPA is looking fine, but can people just stay the fuck home so I don't have to do this all over again? Looking at your Florida


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