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Comedian Spotlight: Andrew Santino

Updated: May 29, 2020

Andrew Santino AKA The Red Rocket is an actor, comedian, and Chicago native. On his podcast The Whiskey Ginger, Andrew has had guests such as Whitney Cummings, Anthony Jeselnik, Mark Normand, and Bryan Callen. He's a great stand-up comedian but in my opinion you get the best of the Red Rocket in his podcast appearances. Andrew is possibly the most quick-witted comedian I have ever heard. If you want to hear how fast he can improvise, watch Your Mom's House #481 and just skip to the part where they interview Andrew and listen to how he tells his "Rick" story.

There are currently only two stand-up albums in the Red Rocket's discography but by the time you listen to them you're gonna wish there were ten. Santino is also an actor, he's been in shows like I'm Dying Up Here, Mixology, and Dave. He's also had some minor roles in movies but they don't really do him justice. Recently, the Red Rocket has joined up with Bobby Lee to make a new podcast called Bad Friends, and it'll make you laugh until it hurts. Listening to Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino go back and forth is awesome and you're gonna become a super fan within a half hour. If you're not a podcast listener, you can still watch Dave on FXX and laugh your ass off. In this show, Santino plays Lil Dicky's manager before he became famous; it's currently in it's first season so you can only binge it to a certain point but you're not going to want to miss this. Overall, Andrew Santino seems to be a comedy legend in the making; in 40 years when people talk about the greats of this era, I have no doubt that the Red Rocket will be one of those names that people remember.

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