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Chris Stapleton's Album Announcement Is Going To Get Me Through The Rest of 2020

Let's just say that the past two days have been absolutely brutal for me, I'm talking being forced to lick the grundle of the 320lb Right Tackle after a High School Football double in August. But the promo video put out by Stapleton across all of his Social Media platforms has me geeked up and wishing I could skip to November 13th now.

People like to box Chris Stapleton into being a "Country Artist" and while I agree that it's acceptable to classify him as that, he started out as a Folk Artist in The Steeldrivers, has had true country songs, but Blues and Southern Rock as well. But this album promo sounded like Whiskey Meyers and Alice in Chains made sweet, sweet love and popped out this fucking thing.

I'm not necessarily surprised that Stapleton's dipping his feet into another genre, but I never in a million years saw him going for something that sounds like the soundtrack of a horror film but I'm fucking here for it. "Modern" country music is atrocious, 90% of what's played on the radio uses the same snap track and shitty song writing, but Stapleton has changed some people's opinions on what "real" country music sounds like. People like Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall and Turnpike Troubadours (just to name a few) make and have made some of the best music I've ever listened to but they'll never get any airtime on major market country stations. Stapleton is as close as we'll get, but since the younger demographic won't swoon over him like a Morgan Wallen or Kane Brown, we won't hear him as much as we should. Stapleton's going to release one HEAVY Southern Rock album and reach a whole new demographic and I'm fucking here for it. Get that bag, king.

I'd be remised to not include my favorite Stapleton performance of all-time. Let his voice and guitar cut right through your soul, you'll either feel better about yourself or worse when you realize how little talent you have pales in comparison to what he's capable of. Regardless, enjoy the rest of your Monday everyone, I'm sure it's been better than mine.

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