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Can Andrew Vaughn Play Left Field?

Example #3574 of why Eloy Jimenez needs to become a Designated Hitter at 24-years old. I understand people love Eloy because he's goofy, loves his mom and mashes baseballs to the concourse effortlessly, but when is he going to realize that he only needs to be BELOW AVERAGE in Left?

After today's blunder in a Spring Training game, one week away from Opening Day, Eloy continues to make unnecessary plays in the Outfield. I can't find the quote, but I remember listening to an interview from Eloy last season which stated his biggest goal as a baseball player is to win a Gold Glove in outfield. On that not, I'm glad he's pivoted and has stated that he wants to be an inspiration to Dominican kids like Sammy Sosa was to him growing up, all while winning an MVP, "really soon."

Let's start with this- if he wants to win a Gold Glove, the White Sox need to create the first ever Gold Glove Award for Designated Hitters. Moving into the future, if staying focused truly is an issue for Eloy and both he and the White Sox are worried about his ability to stay focused as a full-time DH, is a move to first base out of the question for the future?

Let's hope things aren't too serious, but realistically speaking, if this is long-term I think we're going to see one of three realistic things and one longshot

  1. Adam Engel and Eaton both playing everyday, Bill Hamilton absolutely makes the big league roster

  2. Andrew Vaughn is slowly integrated into Left field. Can he do it? The hell if I know, but it's not like he'd be any worse than Eloy out there

  3. Yasiel Puig? Shit I don't know, but I wouldn't rule it out.

  4. A Joey Gallo trade, it's been rumored for years, go all in and make it happen this year.

Stoney put it best a few minutes on the broadcast, these mishaps in the outfield have been happening for far too long at this point, and if they continue, Eloy's going to provide very little value to the Sox if he can't stay healthy. Understand you're going to be an MVP candidate with your bat alone, and pick the dandelions in Left, things will be peachy if that can happen. Please be ok, Eloy. Pls

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