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As If 2020 Couldn't Get Any Worse..

I know what you're all thinking when you've clicked on here, "Boo hoo, 2020 has sucked for all of us, get over yourself." Guess what sweetheart, you're absolutely right and I haven't hated the year nearly as much as most people. As someone who lacks confidence in a large majority of social settings without the aid of alcohol, the lack of human contact was a welcome as it gave me the chance to work on my issues by watching incredibly helpful Youtube videos such as these:

Not sure where I'd be without the guidance and advice of these guys, probably listening to Joe Rogan and convincing myself that I need to try DMT to find my true purpose and begin my journey of personal discovery, but that's neither here nor there. But because of Youtube and the geniuses in the comment sections of this particular genre of content creators, I've seen myself deleting Tinder because they've led me down the right path as I now have a girlfriend right before Christmas. That's a whole other problem in and of its self, but its 2020 and the hits keep on coming. Still trying to see if there are Youtube videos on what to get someone you've been dating for less than a month for Christmas, will report back to you if I find anything.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, you're complaining about being in a relationship?" Not yet at least, but this year has been a doozy. Just finished up my first full semester of online college, had a few family members diagnosed with cancer, had COVID-19, had strep throat a few weeks after that but I received news today that shook me to my core.

When people think of the word streak, a few common things often come to mind

-Joe DiMaggio's hit streak

-Ripken's consecutive starts

-Tom Hanks stretch of Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story 2, Cast Away, Road to Perdition, and Catch Me If You Can

-Jenna Jameson's run at the top

-My Cousin having Perfect Attendance from Kindergarten through 8th grade

-The Undertaker's domination at WrestleMania

-Me making it 20.5 years without a cavity

When I went in for my semi-annual dental cleaning today, my world was turned upside down when my new dentist told me I have a minor cavity and followed it up with a series of questions

Do you eat hardy candy regularly?
No my body's a temple
Drink a lot of pop?
No just water and beer

She began quivering, almost like that scene in Talladega Night's where the vibrations are felt in Molly Shannon's leg and her husband realizes just how loveless their marriage is.

10 year old Inn Keeper got so horned up by this

But wait your information says your only 20? How can this be? Maybe you can come in some time soon so we can fix that cavity of yours. Sorry Miss, I have a girlfriend, 2020 stinks.

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