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Afternoon Pick Me Up: The Musical Talents Of Jess Greenberg

I've been listening to a lot of live performances on YouTube during quarantine and it has my recommened page on YouTube looking quite interesting. I'm listening to new music from artists I love and music from artists I don't typically listen to. Shout out JoJack for his in-depth piece on the Grateful Dead, because I've been watching some of their live performances, as well as Dead and Company shit. Let me just tell ya, Dead & Co. has me listening to John Mayer and watching his performances on YouTube, and I think he settles the classic argument of would you rather be a world-class musician or athlete. I'd be John Mayer over say someone like Mike Trout 8/10 times I think.

BUT back to Jess and how I stumbled upon her. I was watching some old Guns N' Roses performances yesterday just admiring what Slash was and is still able to do with a guitar in his hands. As a result, I've had a few Guns N' Roses covers pop up in my recommendations, but Jess stuck out to me for two very big reasons: she is a women and was playing on acoustic. She's extremely talented- nothing crazy about her voice but it's soothing like that first bite into your hungover McDonalds and you know you're not going to throw it up. It's tough to even compare to Slash's solo in Sweet Child O' Mine, but the Jess was able to put a nice little twist on it with the acoustic.

I'm not going to act like I understand the intricacies of music , but I know talent when I see it. Jess hasn't posted on YouTube in 3 years, but is still sitting pretty with well over a million subscribers. And if you're just interested in listening to some of the classics Jess and her band have performed, someone threw together a nice little Spotify playlist.

Not only is Jess a talented musician, she's a college graduate and appears to have her life put together. A true Renaissance women!

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