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Zach LaVine Celebrates Gar Forman's Firing By Proposing To His Girlfriend

First and foremost, Congratulations to Arturas Karnisovas for doing what should have been done a long time ago. Has to feel damn good to come into the Greatest Sport's Town in the World and be given the keys to the kingdom. And also, a special congrats to Zach and his now fiance on their engagement. Not quite sure who the photographer is, but if she was contracted to come in, the LaVine's better watch the fuck out.

But in all actuality, this is the first time I've had excitement around Bulls' basketball in God knows how long. Gar Foreman had been in Chicago for 22 years (!) in some capacity whether it was a scout or in the front office, and has fallen into some decent success like the NBA rigging the draft lottery to ensure Derrick Rose saved the city, but I guess what goes around comes around, am I right? But when you have players like Jimmy Butler comparing you to a drug dealer, there's no way to spin it into you doing a good job. I understand that no one wants to come into Chicago as a Free Agent because they'll have to "live in Jordan's shadow," but maybe all along it wasn't that and agents didn't want their guys playing for a backwards ass organization.

I think the most telling thing about this whole situation is John Paxson stepping up and telling Jerry that there NEEDED to be change in the organization if they ever planned on righting the ship. Is this just Paxson's way of saving his job? You better believe it, but if Jerry Reinsdorf wants to Jerry Reinsdorf and allow Paxson to lurk amongst the shadows in an advisor role moving forward like he's Kenny Williams fucking let him.

Personnel wise, I couldn't tell you what's next. From what I've read about AK, he loves multi-positional guys who can play at a quick pace and the Bulls do have a solid base of that on the roster currently. I'm hoping he finds a way to repair the organization's relationship with Lauri, but I'm not going to be shocked if he's not in Chicago next year. All I know is that I want Coby and Zach at the 1&2 next year and Otto Porter Jr. to decline his player option. If not, the Bulls to dump himif that's even possible at this point. It's not a particularly strong Free Agency class, but man oh man wouldn't it be something if AK was able to land Anthony Davis in his first year as the VP of Basketball Operations with the Bulls? I'd forgive AD for wearing that Packer jersey in Lambeau if that was the case, even if you had to twist my arm a little bit.

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