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Yet Another Podcast: 33.3 WREC Episode 1

Myself and Joe have been tossing around the idea of starting a podcast like every other pair of white dudes for a long time, but we finally decided on a show after a few beers about a month ago. Both of us love music, and very different types of music so the end goal here is for both of us to discover new music, and more importantly, for the listeners to find music they otherwise would not listen to. Episode 1 might be a little rough around the edges, but stick with us, it's only going up from here.

On Episode 1 of 33.3 WREC, The Inn Keeper and JoJack discuss Pink Floyd's 1975 album, "Wish You Were Here," and Red Dirt superstar, Cody Jinks's 2015 album, "Adobe Sessions." Additionally, the guys talk about who they want to see in concert as soon as live music becomes widely available again. The goal is to broaden our horizons so if you have any albums you'd like to see us breakdown, let us know on Twitter at @The1nnKeeper_ and @MenkeJoe.

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