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Tinder Thots Tuesday: School's Out

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hey cornballs, welcome on back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday programming, and just like that the strangest semester of college of all-time has come to an end. I've spent more time swiping on Tinder these past few months than I could have ever imagined, but yet, I'm still speaking to less people than I ever have.

But the semester's over, my grades ended up being better than I expected they would, just got ghosted by one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met and I'm unemployed. Life is good, and just a gentle reminder- if you have any bios you'd like to see featured in the blog, feel free to send them to me on Twitter @The1nnKeeper_

Always love hearing from you all, and ladies, send me some out of line fellas. I'd love to see what it looks like on the other side. Also, catch up on previous edition's of TTT below:

Is this the most narcissistic thing you've ever seen or heard? I have no problem nodding my head in agreement with the statement, and I once had a class with a girl whose phone background was a selfie of her. I get it, she was attractive, the type of girl that Tony Soprano would give Silv and Chris a nudge while sitting in front of Satriale's, but you have to be a certain type of asshole to have that kind of self confidence.

But getting your own name tattooed on your body? The logic here has to be that you never have to buy one of those shitty magnets or keychains with your name on it. Or Rosie couldn't find it because she as a dog's name and is using this to fill the emotional void of going by Rosie. Rose is a beautiful name, but Rosie just reminds me of my cousin's dog, not great.

Would Greek girls get more respect if they weren't inbred for thousands of years? I'll hang up and listen.

*(She could be my Greek Freak)
*Until Giannis comes to the Bulls

Reminds me of the time I drunkenly messaged a match who had a bio looking for a scuba diving partner. All it took was about a dozen light beers for me to message her "I don't know anything about scuba diving, but I do have experience going in deep, dark, wet places." Little did she know I'd never felt the warm embrace of a woman, but I had the liquid courage to let her know. Only thing tat came of it for me was wondering where someone in the middle of bumfuck, Illinois could scuba dive and a banned Tinder account. Look at me now!

Might be better fit posting on r/AmITheAsshole, but I proceeded to wis Cammie a Happy Mother's Day after seeing her come across my feed. She was offended, I can understand why, but was confused as to why I was told to fuck off. She mentions her 3 sons (all around my age) and after SUPER LIKING me, unmatched me and insulted me for attempting to give her my best on Mother's Day. I'm not saying that there's an Oedipus complex going on in her household, but it makes you think. Just tried showing her more affection on her special day that her sons probably refused to.

And with sons at the ages of 15,18 and 21, I'd bet a good amount of money that at least 1 of them is on Tinder. Imagine coming across your mother, the woman who brought you into this world, on Tinder....

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