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This takes please don't try this at home to a new level

Move over World Wrestling Entertainment, it looks like Walmart Wrestling Entertainment is now a thing and pretty goddamn entertaining if you ask me. The (real) WWE product has been on the decline for awhile now, despite the breath of fresh air that the Royal Rumble injected into the product. However, it still seems like the excitement has been sucked out of fans, almost as quickly as it came in.

You throw these two in front of a crowd, though? I might be all the fucking way back in. The pureness of this warms my heart, just two presumably best friends fulfilling their wildest dreams in the middle of a Walmart. Doesn't get anymore American than professional wrestling and big box retail, but I still can't grasp how this wasn't stopped.

Did security just say fuck it? I know security guards have been hot in the streets since Dana White hired the former Best Buy security guard, but no one blinks an eye at this? I don't necessarily think I'd step in here making $13 an hour, but not every appreciates the art of professional wrestling. Or the security guard is a fan and knows what happens when they try to step in.

Yeah, probably not worth the trip to the local medical facility.

I love the fact that they stayed true to the WWE product by protecting the Pedigree as well. Gotta appreciate that Triple H has done what he can to protect his underhook face buster, but has allowed the Canadian destroyer to become a transitional move for Adam Cole.

Imagine seeing this shit not kicked out of 10 years ago

I'd be remised to not mention the Spanish Fly through the table. The first time I saw the move was 10ish years ago, but having it done through a table in the middle of a Walmart by two average joe's made me smile more than I have in awhile.

Me too buddy, me too.

WWE will always tell kids to not try this at home, and these guys obviously took that to heart by doing it in a Walmart. The thing is, I'd be lying if I didn't want to try this (and break my neck in the process) as soon as possible.

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-The Inn Keeper

P.S.- If you're reading this, you probably follow me on Twitter, but I'm back to regularly posting again. Past few weeks at school have been a shit show between exams, interviews and a few other responsibilities. Follow me on twitter @The1nnKeeper_ and let's keep the conversation going.

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