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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss* Prop Bets Of The Day (6-4 YTD)

Don't let me get hot, folks. I'm not going to have too in-depth of a write up because the games kick off in 15 minutes and I want to get these picks out. Hungover Sundays scrambling to get your picks in before kickoff, nothing else really like it. If you're reading this, you know the feeling because you're either friends with me or an absolute degenerate but we don't make fun of you for that. It's only a problem if you lose, just remember that. We've got two props for you today:

Deshaun Watson OVER 23.5 Completions (-120) and Jamison Crowder OVER 5.5 Receptions (-120)

Betting the over on both of these for a couple of reasons. For Watson, I simply think he plays like a man possessed in an effort to shove it up Bill O'Brien's ass. The Texans are a poverty franchise, with a franchise quarterback and they turn it around this week. As for Crowder, he's playing with Joe Flacco who's making his first start since last year with Denver, I'm expecting dump offs to the most underrated slot receiver in football. Both of these are 1 unit plays for me, bet responsibly.

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