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The Inn Keeper's Can't Miss* Prop Bet Of The Day (10-5 YTD)

Welp, when I gave out my last prop bet, Travis Kelce couldn't pull through for 12.5 more yards because the Chiefs kicked the Bills' dicks in so badly. But hey, at least the two Kelce first score bets I teased you with hit, but they weren't official picks, so the record suffers nonetheless. I've been staying away from baseball for the most part this week, but I see some value in the prop I'm giving out in tonight's dumpster fire of a football game. It's a damn shame that we don't have a good game to flip to when you reach your boiling point with tonight's Presidential Debate. The Pick:

Boston Scott OVER 3.5 Receptions (+135)

Miles Sanders goes down, Boston Scott steps in. Different year, same story for the Eagles, the injury bug has become harder to shake for them these past few years then that crazy ex-girlfriend you keep crawling back to. I know that Boston Scott's not particularly known for his pass catching abilities, but running back have feasted out of the backfield against the Giants this year:

Week 1: 3 catches, 6 targets

Week 2: 7 catches, 7 targets

Week 3: 8 catches, 9 targets

Week 4: 6 catches, 7 targets

Week 5: 3 catches, 5 targets

Week 6: 11 catches, 12 targets

It's Boston Scott and Corey Clement tonight, and it's not like Clement is someone to write home about coming out of the backfield. I'm honestly just following the trends here and seeing the value in the +135 number. Scott only has 6 receptions on the year, but the targets, in theory, should be there for Scott. The 11 catches and 12 targets is the clear outlier here as Washington has JD McKissic and Antoine Gibson out of the backfield, but I see this game being relatively close throughout and with both Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert being out, Wentz is without both his security blankets. A 1 unit play currently with the potential to double down.

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