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Seattle Seahawks Hire New Offensive Coordinator

Welcome to a new weekly blog on the Goonery, I'll be writing about the latest Seattle Sports news here.

On Tuesday night ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Seattle Seahawks hired the Rams passing game coordinator Shane Waldron as their new offensive coordinator.

I actually like this hire for the Seahawks, their offense fell apart towards the end of the year when all of a sudden teams figured out what they wanted to do and took away the deep ball. They struggled with their offensive line play due to injuries but Seattle's struggles came down to.

  1. Defenses figured out what Seattle wanted to do.

  2. The Seahawks struggled to adjust to the way the defenses were playing them.

  3. The Seahawks played the Rams 3 times in the last 9 games and some other solid defenses. Also, their offensive line struggled with injuries.

Going back to the hire, Pete Caroll said in his after the season press conference I'm paraphrasing here but something like how they want to be able to run the ball more effectively against two-deep defenses. So you knew the Seahawks were gonna hire someone that was gonna be willing to go back to the run.

In Waldron's four years with the Rams, they were 25th in dropback rate according to ESPN's Brady Henderson. So right their that fits what they want to do in terms of running. But Seahawks fans and members of the media were yelling for a while about the Seahawks being more creative and using more motion witch is totally something the Rams were known for.

I think this is a nice out of the box hire that should help Seattle in the area's where they struggled last year.

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