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Russell Wilson unhappy with getting hit

Welcome to a new weekly blog on the Goonery, I'll be writing about the latest Seattle Sports news here.

So there's been kind of a lot going on with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks the last few days.

Jason La Canfora reported Monday Night that Wilson's camp was getting frustrated with the Seahawks ability to protect him.

Then Wilson goes and has an interview on the Dan Patrick show Tuesday morning. I'm paraphrasing here but he said that '' He sometimes holds on to the ball too much but they gotta get better and he's frustrated with getting hit too much".

There's been some talk about Russell Wilson potentially getting traded but I don't believe he's going anywhere. The contract is huge and the Seahawks would have to pretty much rebuild their franchise.

The last few years the Seahawks have struggled pass blocking and they haven't really spent very much money on the line. Seattle has tried to acquire linemen through the draft and traded for Duane Brown but generally hasn't done a good job.

Ben Baldwin and PFF tweeted out these interesting stats. Seattle's offensive line hasn't been very good since Russell Wilson has been there and they haven't put any money in the offensive line.

But it is true that Russell Wilson does hold on to the ball to much and needs to get rid of it quicker. Brandon Marshall had a good point I'm paraphrasing again but he mentioned how the Seahawks have generally wanted to throw the ball deep and run. Part of the sacks and pressure are because his first and 2nd options are to throw deep.

All these things are true

1. Russell Wilson sometimes holds the ball to long witch leads to sacks. Some of that is scheme related witch the new offensive coordinator should help Seattle's creativity and hopefully bring it more variety on short passing routes.

2. The Seahawks haven't done a good job pass blocking for a while and the Seahawks need to do a better job of acquiring players.

As Seahawk fans, we've got mad at the Seahawks in the past for not letting Russ cook, for not adjusting and for the poor offensive line. They were a lot more aggressive throwing the ball this year but didn't adjust well when teams figured it out how they wanted to attack. That, a mixture of injuries to the offensive line, and playing the Rams 3 times in the last 9 games stalled the offense.

With the new offensive coordinator the Seahawks should be more creative and have more of a balance. Let's see if their will be a sense of urgency this year and the scheme changes will help Russ get rid of the ball faster.

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