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Mitchell Trubisky did not blow a 24-point lead in the Divisional Round

This game was the equivalent of going shot for shot with your biggest buddy at the bar and convincing yourself that every thing is going to be alright and you most definitely won't wake up with a hangover in the morning.

Before we get into this, let's clear the air- it was never a decision of whether Mitch or Mahomes was the guy. It was Mitch and Watson, but I guess previous success means nothing to Ryan Pace.

Whoops, how'd that get there!

The thing is, Ryan Pace is going to end up drinking himself to death after this game, Mitch will find the nearest bridge to jump off of and Matt Nagy will go to bed PEACEFULLY tonight knowing that his guy in the 2017 Draft was Patrick Mahomes. I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but it's still Patrick Mahomes league, despite him being quiet this year in comparison to last. But today was Mahomes reminding people that he's still the best young quarterback in the NFL and Lamar Jackson isn't the quarterback you want to build your team around.

Ready for a hot take? I'd rather start my franchise with Deshaun Watson than Lamar Jackson, shoot me, stab me, burn me at the stake or do whatever you please, but it's the truth (in my opinion). It's not Deshaun Watson's fault that his head coach is quite possibly one of the most incompetent men in the NFL. But guess what? Bill O'Brien most likely won't be going anywhere after he was unfortunately placed into the role of General Manager for the Texans.

If I'm Deshaun Watson, I want out of Houston if Bill O'Brien is still at the helm tomorrow. Pull an Eli and blatantly say you refuse to play in Houston next year, because I can guarantee you it'll be more of the same in Houston for the rest of time- Saturday home game on Wild Card weekend, great offensive weapons, an incredibly overhyped defense because of past accomplishments and fighting for future supremacy in the AFC with two quarterbacks and a running back whose coaching staffs know how to maximize their skillsets in Mahomes, Jackson and Derrick Henry.

Here's a tip Deshaun, you want out of Houston?

Located in Joliet, less than one hour from Soldier Field on a good day.

I don't care that this has absolutely nothing to do with what just happened in Kansas City. Enjoy it while you still can Chief fans, because Tractorcito is going to run for 180 and 3 touchdowns next week.

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-The Inn Keeper

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