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Mariners Presdent Kevin Mather resigns

Mariners President Kevin Mather resigned after a speech on zoom at a Bellevue Rotary Club meeting. Lookout Landing did a write-up of the whole speech.

It was really bad, he made comments criticizing Julio Rodriguez's one of the mariners' top prospects English. He complained about paying for Hisashi Iwakuma's translater , a former all-star pitcher who now works for the Mariners. He called star pitcher Marco Gonzalez "boring", Mather said that Kyle Seager the Mariners veteran third baseman was overpaid and wouldn't be on the team next year. He also pretty much admitted that the Mariners manipulated Jared Kelenic's contract so he could be under club control.

Mathur pretty much talked trash about every important player in the organization for 45 minutes. The comments about Rodriguez English witch in all accounts work extremely hard and speaks excellent English along with complaining about having to pay a translater for an employee are ridiculous, rude, and uncalled for.

This isn't the first problem with Mather as well, The Seattle Times reported in 2018 that he was accused of "inappropriate workplace conduct".

The Mariners have to do some pretty big damage control. Firing Mather is a good start, Jerry Dipoto Mariners GM said "this is one person's interpretation". Hopefully, they can put this behind them.

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