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Is Taysom Hill the Greatest Mormon ever?

Steve Young, Mitt Romney, Ken Jennings, The Osmonds and now, Taysom Hill

The Saints lost in overtime on Wild Card Weekend to Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings, who has all but erased any narratives against him this year. I'll tell ya what, I never in a million years thought Kirk Cousins would actually walk into the Super Dome and out play Drew Bree's. Then again, fucking Taysom Hill outplayed Drew Bree's today!

1/1 50 passing yards, 4 carries for 50 yards (8 more yards than Kamara and Latavius Murray COMBINED), 2 receptions for 25 yards and a touchdown, PLUS the most impressive stat in all of football

Like Brigham Young leading Joseph Smith's followers to the promise land

It's a shame that the Saints lost, because I really was hoping to see one last deep playoff run from Brees, but what can you do? This is about as bad as I can remember Brees ever looking, but do the Saints have their quarterback of the future on the roster with Taysom Hill? The Swiss Army Knife is a free agent this offseason, and Sean Payton just got this man PAID after his performance today. I'm not sure if he stays in New Orleans, but where else would he get this type of playing time? New England comes to mind, but they sure as hell aren't going to be the idiots who overpay for the Mormon Manbeast. The Chargers makes sense, too in my opinion, but I can't see Sean Payton allowing his Frankenstein to leave. Everyone thought the Jimmy Graham franchise tag situation in New Orleans was a shit show, but what position does Hill get tagged at? I'd have to think he's lined up as a wide receiver more than anywhere else this year, but Jimmy Graham lost that argument before. Regardless, congrats to Taysom Hill for making himself a lot of money this off-season, but there's only ONE place Taysom Hill belongs in 2020

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