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I'm having a serious first world problem

If you're unfamiliar with what a first world problem is, well good for you, because your biggest problem in life is that you're drinking tap water instead of Voss.

My issues came to fruition for the first time at the end of November and into the start of December, however, considering the time of year, I decided to bottle my issues up inside of me like a middle-aged Irish Roman Catholic. But I've given it time, more time than I should've in all honesty, but I thought my issue would go away.

Fast forward two weeks, I've gotten a new phone, and my issues have persisted, and if we're in the trust tree, gotten worse. Buckle up, because this will make your skin crawl.

FIRST OFF, this was taken on my old iPhone 8, which I had assumed was the reason my phone was having this issue. Then, I proceeded to reset my Air Pods (nbd), and to the surprise of no one, that didn't work. While I was at the Apple Store later that same week getting my laptop fixed, too many issues ammiright, I asked the engineer or whatever the hell his title was to take a look at my phone, but he said sorry! Only one product at a time, you can make another appointment online and come back tomorrow and we can take a quick peak! Well, at that point, I'm irate and decided that I'd figure it out myself, which led me to bounce from website to website online in search of answers like a college student enrolled in an online class.

I can deal, I keep telling myself as I workout with my volume having a seizure at the same time. There's really nothing like telling yourself you've got one more rep because the best part of a song is about to hit and all the inspiration you need is going to come coursing through your headphones, and then it just doesn't. You can call it a minor inconvenience, but I call it a kick in the dick because I'm a 19-year old college student whose biggest issue at the moment is waiting on hearing back about internship interviews.

I mentioned that I had gotten a new phone, and for about 2.5 weeks now, I've been working with an iPhone 11. Great product, expect I'm having even worse issues with my volume, it's the equivalent of eating Taco Bell and then deciding you're going on a run. Nature runs its course, there's no stopping it and you wonder what you've done to get you to this point. While running after eating Taco Bell is an easy formula to solve, my volume issues are not.

Considering the tragedies have struck us all the past few days and weeks, my issues may seem small, and they are don't get me wrong. The thing is, I'm fucking irritated and would love any help I can get. If you have ANY ideas about how to fix my phone, hit me up on twitter @lifeattheinn and I will love you forever.

And I'm *this* fucking close to buying an iPod shuffle because I'm going to have a heart attack hearing nothing coming out of my headphones to unexpectedly having my eardrums explode. Please help me, I'm serious.

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-The Inn Keeper

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